Lil Diamond King & Queen

The 2020 Lil Diamond King, Queen, Prince & Princesses were crowned, Tuesday, February 18th here at the Diamond.  This annual fundraiser was a huge success and all participants were thrilled with their prizes.  Thanks to the support of our families we raised almost $4,000 to use to improve our facility.  Here are our winners:

King & Queen – Riley Davis & Greenlee Painter

2 Year Prince & Princess – Braxton McSwain & Ellie Fipps

3 Year I Prince & Princess – Hudson Ellis & Beckett Grazell

3 Year II Prince & Princess – J. W. Scoggan  & Allison Phillips

K4 Prince & Princess – Isaac Sprouse & Ari Mills

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the families for your support. 

If anyone has any photos they would like to add to the gallery, please email them to