With the help and support of our parents, the Diamond will be the best child development facility in Cherokee County. To achieve and maintain this goal, open communication and a loving, respectful relationship between our parents and staff is key. We are always available for any questions you may have. Also, there is an INFORMATION CENTER located inside the facility entrance and this website to keep you informed of upcoming events and other news.

Tuition is due in advance on Monday of each week. Please pay on time.

Please do not leave your vehicle unattended and running in our parking lot for any reason.

Please use the Entrance and Exits as directed in the parking lot to allow safe flow of traffic.

Please do not bring food to our facility for children other than infant age. We have children allergic to certain foods and we provide breakfast, lunch, and snack, so outside food is not needed.

Our daily schedule is:

6:00am – 8:00am Breakfast served (Child must arrive by 7:45am to eat breakfast)
8:30am Devotion begins
9:00am Class time begins
11:30am Lunch

If your child is going to arrive after 9:00am but needs to be added to the lunch count, please call and let us know.

Please make sure your child has two changes of clothing at all times.

Please check your child’s cubby daily.

Please sign your child out daily.

Please keep your information sheets up-to-date at all times, especially your pick up list. Your child will only be allowed to leave with authorized persons on your list.


Download the following forms: